Drink Water, But Be Sure It"s Pure

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You know you need to drink water - many experts recommend up to two quarts per day.
But you need to be sure the water is pure.
If not, it could be a greater danger to your health than sugary soft drinks or drinks filled with artificial sweeteners.
  First you should have your water at home tested - whether from a public supply or a private well, you need to know if it has contaminates or if it is fine to drink.
Look in your phone book for the Health Department and call for instructions.
You could instead ask for water quality reports on your public water system, but remember that plastic pipes that bring the water to your sink could also affect water quality.
  If testing shows your water to be contaminated, you can install a high quality filtration / purification system in your home.
Bottled water can be dangerous both from contamination before or during the bottling process, and from the toxins in plastic bottles.
If you must buy water, choose brands with a NSF certification or IBWA membership.
Members of these two organizations at least have their water tested for contaminants on a regular basis.
Despite advertisements touting "Pure spring water," many water bottlers are using the same tap water that you can get at home, because there is no oversight and no penalty for deceptive advertising.
Jane Houlihan, Senior Vice President of the Environmental Working Group, is quoted on the Science News website as saying  "An estimated 25 percent of bottled water brands that rely on tap water are drawing from supplies that collectively contain at least 260 pollutants - from pesticides and heavy metals to trace residues of pharmaceuticals.
" If you do purchase water bottled in plastic, immediately transfer it to a glass or stainless steel container, because the longer it sits in plastic, the more toxins can contaminate the water.
To protect yourself from the toxins that leach into liquids from plastic, I think you should do the same with other beverages, or buy them in glass or metal containers from the outset.
  When you take water or other beverages with you on your daily travels, take it in reusable glass or stainless steel containers.
No, it's not as convenient as buying a plastic bottle and throwing it away.
But you could be saving your life - and doing the environment a huge favor at the same time.
After all, plastic is quickly clogging our landfills and littering out roadsides, beaches, and forests.
 The fewer plastic containers you buy, the better for your world.
(Remember, if you do buy them - recycle.
) Americans are spending 1,900 times as much for bottled water as it would cost them to use tap water.
Even without the danger of illness, it makes good financial sense to install a good filtration system and then carry your water in a stainless steel water bottle.

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