Removal of Struts on an 84 Accord

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    • 1). Open the trunk and remove the cover over the strut retaining bolt. Use a screwdriver to pry it off.

    • 2). Loosen the retaining bolts on the strut with a ratchet and remove the bolts.

    • 3). Lift the rear of the vehicle with a floor jack and insert jack stands. Lower the vehicle down onto the jack stands.

    • 4). Remove the rear wheels from the vehicle by removing the lug nuts with a lug nut wrench.

    • 5). Loosen and remove the brake line that connects to the strut with a wrench. There may be a clip that holds the line to the strut -- if so, remove that as well.

    • 6). Disconnect the stabilizer bar from the lower arm using a ratchet. Remove the parking brake cable. The cable is attached to the backing plate lever. Remove the hub carrier, lower arm bolts, and the radius rod nut using the properly sized ratchet and sockets.

    • 7). Remove the hub carrier pivot bolt and strut retainer bolt with a ratchet. Pull the strut out of the vehicle.


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