Bean Vegetables Benefits

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Beans is a common name for large plant seeds of several genera of the family Fabaceae (alternately Leguminosae) used for human food or animal feed.

The whole young pods of bean plants, if picked before the pods ripen and dry, are very tender and may be eaten cooked or raw. Thus the word "green beans" means "green" in the sense of unripe (many are in fact not green in color), as the beans inside the pods of green beans are too small to comprise a significant part of the cooked fruit.(wikipedia)

Beans have a fairly complete nutritional content (protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, crude fiber and minerals), also contain other substances are efficacious drugs for various diseases. Various aspects of the benefits of bean pods, bean varieties, cultivation techniques, harvesting and postharvest handling, and analysis of agricultural business, presented in this book.

Beans, including plants that have roots growing in a dikotil and thus need to rack or a pole while cultivate them. But apparently there are also types of bean plants that grow upright.
Well, so popular, pea beans fall into the category of vegetables that can be used as an edible vegetable, start fruit, seeds, and leaves.

You are like the bean, of course nothing to lose. This vegetable is rich in protein and vitamins that can help menurunkankolesterol, prevent cancer, stabilize blood pressure and to control insulin and blood sugar. Match consumed by those who develop diabetes or hypertension. Not only that, fiber and enzymes contained in the beans also said to help regulate the digestive function so as to prevent hemorrhoid and lose weight.
In a 100 gram weight nutritional content of beans there are, among others: 2.4 grams protein, 0.2 grams fat, 7.7 grams carbohydrates, calcium, iron 6.5 mg and 1.1 mg.

Rework and STORING

Although it does not generate the amount of protein and high calories, beans are included in the types of legumes that have a sweet taste. Fresh green color that is bold when it was served. In addition to that consumed in the form of cooked peas, the leaf was also nice to have fresh vegetables and cooked as a vegetable, would select young leaves and leaf buds take. If you paid attention in the market we can find two kinds of beans on offer type.

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