Planning the Perfect Big/Little Week

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If you're a sorority girl, you know that executing a successful Big/Little Week takes much more than a week of preparation.
Becoming a Big is an exciting, but daunting task, so if you have no idea where to begin, keep these tips in mind so that you can give your future Little the magical, surprise-filled Big/Little week she deserves.
Personalize Your Presents When it comes to Big/Little Week, it's less about splurging on expensive presents and more about showing your Little how much you care.
Take a look at her Pinterest page, see what color schemes she prefers or what craft she's been dying to make, and try and incorporate some of her personal preferences into your crafting.
Your extra thoughtfulness will go a long way and show your Little just how much her Big cares about her.
Plan Themed Days Themed days make it easy for you to designate certain gifts and crafts to each day.
Has your Little let it slip to you that she wants a dorm room pet? A beta fish and Ben and Jerry's Phish Food ice cream makes for an adorable "Under the Sea" themed gift.
"Princess Day" just involves lots of pink and a tiara, while a fabulous "Beach Day" themed present could include flip flops, a towel, a koozie, tropical drink mix, and some sorority sunglasses.
Don't Break the Bank Your Little is going to love you no matter how much money you spend.
The old adage to remember here is that it's the thought that counts.
There's no need to splurge on expensive presents when a simple personalized craft will do.
If you are still feeling that your presents need a little something extra, however, adding baked goods is an inexpensive but well-appreciated addition to any gift basket.
It's also common to pass down any sorority t-shirts you don't want anymore, as well as any Big/Little trinkets you received last year that you'd be willing to part with.
Keep It All Under Wraps The entire point of Big/Little Week is to make it a magical and surprising week for your Little, so don't overlook the basics of hiding your plans from your little one.
If your chapter is keeping the date of Big/Little Reveal a secret from your new members, it would be wise to even avoid using the term "Big/Little Week" so she doesn't pick up on when, exactly, she will meet her Big.
Even if your girls know when the Big/Little Reveal will be, there is still an element of surprise to uphold.
The key to keeping your identity under wraps until the big night: don't forget the details! Have your best friend write any notes you want to send (Littles will compare handwriting to try and figure out their Bigs' identities), refrain giving identical gifts if you have twins, and make sure your name, initials, or any other giveaways aren't on anything you intend on passing down.
Keeping your identity under wraps until it's time will make your reveal a truly memorable experience for both you and your Little.

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