When to Perform a Car Tune Up

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You may be faced by several car troubles that might give you signs that you need to undergo an auto tune up. Although it may seem to be a hassle on your part, you should still be aware that these should be taken care of as soon as possible. Here are some signs that you need to stop by for a tune-up:

Head Start. A head start happens if your car got zero maintenance. This issue is common and can be traced to an electronic component or a computer that has control over the ignition system. Car maintenance must be carefully observed.

Ignition Knock. If you hear an ignition knock when you are in the process of accelerating or climbing, car specialists may suggest to have your car undergo an auto tune-up. Knocking may also occur when there is a carbon buildup inside your engine. Although there are cars that are designed with a knock sensor that conducts corrective measures, they are not made to adjust serious disorder that may lead to bad engine performance or worst engine damage.

Power Loss. A filter that has not been changed for a long time may cause power loss. Other than this factor, there still exist a number of reasons for auto power loss which often can be detected if a diagnostic task is performed. Check your filter regularly and change it if necessary to avoid such power loss.

Exhaust Odor. Another engine problem is exhaust odor. As all of us want comfort, it's really annoying to drive a car that doesn't smell good at all. The catalytic converter of your car may not be functioning well that is why this €rotten egg' smell happens.

There are many more factors which can cause engine failure and their causes may vary. An engine may run ineffectively due to fuel malfunction, ignition error or even piston or bad valves which are internal engine conditions.

Car owners can tell if their cars are efficient by a simple computation of gas mileage which is equal to miles driven divided by gallons of gas used. If their car has a poor gas mileage, then it is time to consult a technician. There are factors that can cause this issue such as transmission malfunction, misaligned wheels, engine running too cold, dragging brakes and inflated tires.

If you observe that your engine chugs and coughs for quite a few seconds after shutting off the ignition, this can be dieseling. Reasons behind this trouble vary from inferior gas to excessive idle speed.

All of these concerns may be solved by undergoing a car tune-up. And no other auto service center does it better than Muffler Man Auto Service Center in Grand Rapids, Ludington & Big Rapids Michigan! We make sure that our clients get back their cars with an added protection from these common car hassles! At Muffler Man Auto Service Center, we have qualified technicians that will efficiently conduct tune-up's for your vehicle! Visit us now at 5243 South Division (Corner of 54th & Division) Wyoming, Grand Rapids or contact us at 616-855-1968!

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