How to Lower Your Stomach Acidity

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Our every day job or activities doesn't allow us to eat properly, sometimes we only eat 2 times a day or worst, only one time a day, and those few bites we have, in generally are fast food or junk food.
With a "diet" like this anyone can end up with stomach pain, elevated acidity or even stomach diseases, not to talk about what could happen to the rest of the body.
Here are some tips to avoid stomach elevated acidity and reflux:
  • Eat more often foods with a higher content of carbohydrates, such as rice, breads and pasta.
  • Avoid high-fat and fried meals.
    High fat foods will remain in the stomach longer and your stomach will produce more gastric acid to digest them.
    Even if the food isn`t fat and it`s fried it will absorb oil becoming fat.
  • Try to balance your menu between meat, vegetable and carbohydrates.
  • Avoid spicy foods.
  • Avoid or limit alcohol, especially beer.
  • Eat in a vertical position and when you are done don`t lie down, keep standing for at least 45 minutes.
    In this way you will not have a reflux while your food is digested.
  • Don`t eat on an empty stomach fruits with high acidity like citrus.
  • Coffee it`s also a reason, drink your coffee in the morning after a little snack if you can`t eat a real breakfast.
The best way to avoid stomach issues is a little complicated because you have to be careful what you eat, but is not impossible.
Some of them are common sense, fast food and junk food need to go.
Try to respect an eating schedule, this could be a little bit tricky but you will see that after a couple of days you will see that the stomach will sound the alarm when it`s the right time.
Don`t eat large quantities at one meal especially at night.
A word about compromise, if something that you eat makes your through become a volcano try eating something like pasta or rice before eating that particular food and try to keep it in a low quantity.
Remember that being careful with what you eat you protect your stomach and also keep your weight under control.

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