Pilot Training Course – Nurtures Skilled Pilots

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There are various professional fields that are there in the country like law, advertising, medicine, engineering, hotel management, etc. These professions have become traditional now, the competition level in these areas are beyond comparison. Now think of career of commercial pilot.  Thinking of this profession itself is exciting. The feeling of adrenaline rushing through the veins is something that cannot be expressed in words. Once the career is built in this area of profession you tend to get a feeling of responsibility as it is one of the most prestigious jobs. There are only a few colleges that are offering pilot training courses in the country.

During pilot training course students are taught a lot more than just flying. If you want to know that how much time you will be in air during the course then you should be aware that most of the colleges offering pilot training course provide you the opportunity of being 45 hours in air. During these 45 hours you will learn a lot about handling the air craft. These 45 hours are also divided in which 25 hours will be under the guidance of a professional instructor who will tell you each and everything. You will be following his commands and respond accordingly and 5 hours are such that you can go across the country. To become a commercial pilot a minimum of 200 hours of flying is required as per the norms of DGCA academy India.

It is one of the most expensive courses in India which costs a minimum of 35 lakhs. The course is designed in a way that students get the insight of this area of profession. Students during the course learn how to keep them and the passengers' safe during a flight. Hence, the concept of take off and landing is made clear to students so that during flight there is no scope of any mistake. Once students learn this, the colleges start teaching them about the navigation points. Every school follows its own method of teaching but they all should follow DGCA academy India guidelines.

Once the pilot training course is completed numerous airlines companies visit the campus of the college to recruit the highly experienced young commercial pilots. Pilots are some of the highly paid professionals in the country. As there are various pilot training colleges in the country the selection of the college has to be just perfect. A college should be registered under the guidelines of DGCA academy India.

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