A Full Review of Talk Fusion

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Talk fusion is a well established company that has been in business since 2007 and has maintained a superb business structure since then. The success of Talk Fusion's crystal clear video email technology spread rapidly around the world and continues to gain very rapid growth. In the past two months alone, Talk Fusion's website ranking grew by 184% based on Alexa rankings. Talk Fusion's technology has expanded into over 85 countries today and is becoming one of the largest online video providers today and has surpassed other industry leaders like Yahoo, AOL, Viacom, CBS and MegaVideo.

Talk Fusion offers 8 video tools in one low priced package, allowing business owners to utilize all the necessary tools to save money in their marketing costs. It includes tools like video email, video blogging, video webinar, video broadcasting, and is the only video company that offers what is called the Fusion Wall, a 3 dimensional personal place to host your videos publicly without the interruption of advertisements. The company offers a customized, amazingly designed video template to be used to every single person who opens an account with Talk Fusion. This is something that is not offered in any other company today.

Talk Fusion also offers an opportunity for people to build a significant income stream by recommending the tools to others. Unlike other traditional MLM or network marketing companies, Talk Fusion offers instant pay, where the minute you make a sale, you earn the money on a debit card. The Talk Fusion Instant Pay plan allows home business owners to utilize the income earning potential to offset other home business costs and allows people who want to build a full time income to easily do so offering these amazing products.

Talk Fusion is a business that offers an exclusive online suite of products that can be used in any business today, whether it is a traditional brick and mortar business, a real estate business, an insurance business, or a network marketing business owner who wishes to train their teams or offer product overviews.

The Talk Fusion Top Leaders Team

One essential component of having a successful home business, no matter what business it is, is to have a very strong leadership team that has planned out a successful system to help you be successful as well. If you are considering joining Talk Fusion as a business, please take into serious consideration the team you work with, as it can mean your success or your failure. Many times, people enroll and don't receive the necessary team support. Talk Fusion offers amazing support from the company, as in Daily Webinars, Calls, Emails, and 24/7 online support. However, nothing can replace the one on one connection you can have with your direct sponsor. My team with Talk Fusion is a very strong team; we have worked together for months on several projects and have learned the ropes the hard way. We have seen massive success, recently building a team of thousands with our marketing tactics and skills. Our team offers, in addition to the company:

- Free Online Training, Daily

- 24/7 Skype Support in our Group Chat

- One on One Training and Coaching from Leaders

- Leaders are Trained In: Blogging, SEO, Article Marketing, social media marketing, Video Marketing, and Much More

- We have a very simple system that WORKS

- Automated Features

- Free, Replicated Sites

- Off the Hook Training worth Thousands, all for you for FREE

- Training Sites from Leaders on the Team

- Leaders that Truly Care about You and Your Family, as we are Moms and Dads as well working from home!

Talk Fusion is truly an amazing company with a lot to offer the online marketer or home based business owner. You can truly stop struggling and looking for the "right" answer or the "right" system, as Talk Fusion has put together the best parts of many systems and programs into one business, and it is growing exponentially. This team is going to the top of the company. If you are interested in being a team member, contact me today melissa@melissaannmitchell.com or visit our site, http://talk-fusion-review.com Melissa Ann Mitchell


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