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How to Set the Form Element Values With JavaScript

Many tools enable you to create an interactive website. JavaScript is a client-side scripting language you can use to produce dynamic data with a few lines of code. This keeps your site fresh and functional as well as increases your visitors' interest. You can read and write to forms with JavaScript

Why Migrate Your Java Applications to the Cloud Environment?

Moving Java Applications to the Cloud With huge benefits that cloud infrastructure promises to business, Java applications are increasingly launched on cloud infrastructure while the existing ones are also being migrated to cloud. This enables ...

SEO Videos Provide More Context

SEO Videos Reveal Information Beyond What Text Can Whenever your facing a difficult subject like SEO, video is the best way to explain the concepts. SEO is an ongoing process that takes time and effort ...

The Most Important Attributes of a Minisite Design

A minisite design could make all the difference between zero sales and hundreds of sales. Use a crappy design and nobody would buy from your site because it looks amateurish, unprofessional, and not t

How to Create a Custom Button in PHP

The PHP programming language lets you dynamically create HTML code, so you can set up buttons, images, forms and layouts based on user input. You can dynamically display a customized button using the PHP "echo" command. The echo command prints the HTML to the Web page. You set up the button HTML in

How to Generate an Order Form Using XHTML Code

XHTML (eXtensible HypterText Markup Language) is the popular standards-compliant version of the coding language used to create webpages. One common purpose of a webpage is to allow customers to place an order through a website. Online ordering enables companies to expand their customer base beyond

Making Events Unobtrusive

Update old JavaScripts by converting them to make them unobtrusive. Here's step by step instructions on how to do it.

Setting Up Your Homepage the Right Way

Nothing Comes even close to 1st Impressions Have you investigated what your homepage says about your company? If your website is a lot like many others, it in all probability doesn't say very much. While ...

Custom Web Design Company India

Custom Web Design Company India: Importance of the Custom Website Design for the companies is huge because they can get the link designed as per their requirements. Internet is an amalgamation of the website and ...

How to Decode Base64 Strings

Base64 is a common method of information exchange between computers. Designed to prevent data tampering by intermediate systems, it encodes information using simple ASCII characters. The key to decoding Base64 is to understand that it encodes 3 bytes into four 6-bit chunks.

Improve Your Skills With These Web Design Tips

Want to learn more about web design? Keep reading! This article provides information on designing websites that gives you the knowledge you need to get started. No matter your experience level, there is always something ...

How To Convert CSV Into Array In PHP

The original acronyms stand for PHP is Personal Home Page but later it has been known as its recursive name Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is the server side scripting language and probably the most popular programming ...

Association and Composition - Delphi OOP Part 9 - Chapter 19

Whenwe need only a few aspects of a class, inheritance may be inappropriate for reuse since itexposes not only the aspects we need but also all those that we do not need and that shouldremain hidden. In these cases it is often worth considering the alternative of delegation,through either associatio

How To Make A Website For Every Need.

The Internet is an integral part of most people's daily lives, with people working, playing, and shopping online today. This makes it wise for everyone to know how to make a website. Having this knowledge ...

How to Make a Horizontal CSS Menu Vertical

Cascading style sheets, or CSS, is a useful tool because it separates most of the visual and structural formatting of an HTML document from the document's content, making both easier to read and edit. It does this by placing the formatting into a separate document. CSS also gives a Web designer acce