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How to Copy Excel Data Into a Word Document

Microsoft Office is a program suite that contains programs such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. These programs allow you to perform a variety of tasks. For example, Excel allows the user to create charts and analyze data. If you have data in Microsoft Excel that you wish to copy into a Microsoft Word

What Type of File Format Is CDA?

CDA files are audio files created by Microsoft Windows that do not contain actual music files (pulse code modulation data) but are just representatives of every audio track on a compact disc. CDA files can only be played on a CD-ROM drive.

How to Make Animated Smileys

The smiley has become one of the most iconic figures in the world. Everyone knows the smiley. Many people like to include smilies in their emails and on their websites. It's even better if you can download an animated smiley for your site. But instead of getting one from someone else, you can make y

How to Remove MalWarrior for Free

MalWarrior is just another spyware parasite that pretends to be a legitimate anti-spyware product. It displays constant pop-ups on your desktop showing malware and viruses found on your hard drive. The pop-ups urge you to purchase the full version of the MalWarrior to get rid of these threats and pr

Best Company For SEO Services in USA-Morgan IDS

Search engine optimization is technique that helps in advertising your business online to get customers. With the Business going online the world is rapidly changing with some latest and new advance techniques that is making ...

How to Use Microsoft Excel to Name the Range of Data That You Want to Import

When working with data in a worksheet on the Microsoft Office Excel application, you import data from Excel workbooks and other applications. For example, if you have a chart you want to import into your current workbook, you can select the specific data range for the chart to be imported. The data

Cineplayer DVD Decoder Options

The Cineplayer DVD Decoder is intended to allow users to play DVD discs using Windows Media Player.a dvd-r disc image by wayne ruston from Fotolia.comThe CinePlayer DVD Decoder Pack is a software package from the Roxio corporation that is designed to allow PCs running Windows XP to play...

Exploring all about PSD to oscommerce

Conventional shopping and trading has been replaced mostly with ecommerce. PSD to oscommerce has taken the place. Oscommerce has many benefits over the traditional ecommerce software. Getting into the

How to Convert an ASF to a WMV

ASF (Advanced Streaming Format) is a multimedia format for streaming video on websites. Because it contains no rights management or security features, your file can easily be copied and distributed by unauthorized users. WMV (Windows Video) is a popular multimedia format that does allow digital righ

What Are Torrent Trackers & Where Can I Find Them?

The BitTorrent protocol describes an innovative method for file sharing. File sharing is a term meaning copying files. Private individuals contact each other and request sections of files that are then assembled by the torrent downloading client into a complete file. The seekers of files find the ow

How to Move Text in HTML

When you use a word processor program, all you have to do is hit "Tab" to indent the first line of a paragraph. However, if you use HTML when designing a web page, moving text is a little more complicated. Since HTML is a programming language, you must enter a command that lets the computer know you

How Do I Get a Vertical Ruler in Wordperfect?

Word Perfect is a word processing program owned by Corel. Among its many functions is the ability to create and use a vertical ruler within your workspace. The vertical ruler displays page format elements. The vertical ruler is displayed vertically on the page to assist you with vertical attributes

How to Rotate Pictures in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop includes a rotation feature, which allows users to rotate an image, or straighten out a crooked photo. The rotate feature shifts the entire image by a specified number of degrees rather than rotating specific elements within an image. Users can choose the standard options to rotate o

Vacation Tracking Software - An Application For Business Efficiency

Any business organization with many employees working for it will be well-aware of the hassles associated with scheduling holidays to each of them. In addition to scheduling the vacation time for them, the employer or the HR department will have to carefully manage the time that can be allotted to e

How to Add CD Information to CDA Files

CDA files are audio files on a regular audio CD. These files are formatted to be played in regular CD players, but can also be recognized by your computer. If you want to add CD information (like track title or artist name) to your CDA files, you can do so natively in the Windows operating system us

Shane Hope

Shane Hope's 3D Printed Terrain artwork was possibly the most unusual 3D exhibit at the World Maker Faire New York 2012.