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Where to Go to Learn to Play Guitar

It can be absolutely mind-boggling when you are searching for some good guitar lessons online. There are definitely a whole lot of free lessons online. Just enter a search term for a song and you can get many results.

Get With The Times: Start Recording With Beat Software

While a lot of us love to perform our music in private, it can be difficult to perform in front of an audience. Beat software is a great way produce your music, record it to CD, and then distribute or play for an audience instead of a live performance. This can actually assist you break yourself of

Why Choose Online Guitar Lessons Videos?

So you have decided that you want to be the next Slash or Pete Townsend, Eric Clapton or Santana, Brian Setzer or Dave Edmunds? Everyone wants to be a "guitar hero" these days and who can blame them? If you are an accomplished guitarist with a little style and a pretty face, you are set to

How to Make Guitar Pick Guards

Accessories such as pick guards can be used to give a guitar an original look. However, the majority of mass manufactured pick guards are limited in color and design. Making your own pick guard is relatively simple and requires using a jigsaw and a utility knife. You will have to first create a temp

Nashville Star 3 - Week Five

Read my recap of the Nashville Star 3 show. This is the fifth episode and tonight we'll hear six of the seven remaining finalists sing songs they have written. Phil Vassar performs "I'll Take That as a Yes (The Hot Tub Song.)" Bret Michaels also performs his big hit "Every R

Drum Lesson - The Change One Thing Exercise

Today I'm going to share a cool exercise that I came up with to help students with their creativity. It's super useful not only for finding new groove ideas, and finding your own voice on the drums, but it's GREAT for creating musical grooves that connect well to each other in a song.

Popular Guitar Tabs - How to Read Them Like a Pro?

Popular Guitar Tabs - How to Read Them Like a Pro? Playing a guitar is not as easy as counting 1, 2 and 3. But rather, you need to have the passion, dedication and discipline ...

The Best Online Guitar Lessons

There's no substitute for learning the basics and building a strong playing foundation. You can buy the most expensive amp guitar and other equipment but if you don't know how to play well, you won't sound good. Before you start playing, you want to make sure that your guitar is strun

Free Live Radio Station: Latest Mode Of Entertainment

Extreme rise in internet technology has given us loads of sources to entertain us. Among all these, live radio is one which is creating a stir. People are now switching to free live radio station in o

The Web's Best Music Streaming Sites

Apparently, the music industry is currently in crisis. Illegally file-sharing leaked albums is hitting the bottom line of artists and record labels hard. They are therefore resorting to more creative methods to control the distribution of their new music.