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Fry has a 'fro in Rebirth on Futurama.

The Green Mile, A Stephen King Movie

The Green Mile is a movie about a series of events on Louisiana death row in the 1930s.The original story was written by Stephen King.The movie was directed by Frank Darabont, who wrote the screenplay.Tom Hanks stars as the main character Paul Edgecomb, Michael Clarke Duncan co-stars as John Coffey.

Propulsion On The Base Laughing or roflyou

ROFL or "Propulsion On The Level Laughing" comes position honorable after LOL with regards to how such it's practical on the net, it's typically seen in instances where there is a pauperization to restore that ...

The Epic Called Ben Hur

The MGM Studio was founded on the success of the original in 1925 and then in 1958 a then huge investment of $15m was risked on the remake of 'Ben Hur'. It received collossal critical acclaim and won a then record of 12 Academy Awards

New Fall Show Superlatives

Lots of new shows make their debut every year. How can you possibly sort through them all? Fear not, dear reader, I am here to help. For every show that earned a superlative, I have provided a link to that show's trailer. Not every new show will be addressed here, but this column will provide y

Sadda Haq 24th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update Scene 1 Vardhan calls someone and says I will get sponsor but you won't get such golden opportunity. Your wish your loss. He sees the peon ...

Useful Information About The Digital Tv

The Digital TV is one of the best ways to entertain yourself at your home. Furthermore, in many countries, there are set dates when the digital television will replace the analog one. In that article, you will find and read some really useful information about the Digital TV.


Pictures from the McStroke episode of Family Guy.

The Kids In The Hall (DVD) Review

Nominated for 3 Emmys and 18 Gemini Awards, including five straight for Best Comedy Series, The Kids In The Hall is a legendary sketch comedy troupe whose hilarious skits have achieved cult icon status among comedy aficionados...


Lenny picture and trivia from The Simpsons.

Make Satellite TV the New Addition to Your Office

With technology constantly advancing, it is important to keep your office updated for both your benefit and that of your employees. One way to do this is to install satellite TV in the office, providing ...

Top Shows of 2009 - Are You Tuning In?

There's a whole lot of TV out there. A fair amount is just rehashed old plots, love stories, cheap FX that don't look so great in HD, cheaper reality TV shows that amuse you for all of five seconds, and second rate comedies featuring old stars from the eighties, it's amusing stuff, bu

Add These to Your Movie List

The number of 3D movies is just going. And this is not something to wonder about, considering the amount of money that these movies bring in to their producers and all. As proof to the 3D Movies' growing existence, we are giving you these four movies to try. Really, a lot of people commented th

Action Films Hit Big With Heroes

There are plenty of action films out there covering all manner of subject matters, but the end of the 20th century saw an explosion of superhero films that reminded us that sometimes, bigger is better ...

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu Movie Review

“Apprehensive” was the state of mind when the promos of Dharma Productions’ latest product ‘Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu’ began hogging limelight. A new director, another rom-com from Dharma after the disastrous ‘I Hate Luv Storys,’ promos that shouted of a phoren fil