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How to Make a Shotgun Butt Plate

The butt plate on a shotgun is typically a small piece of metal that is secured to the end of the stock. If you do not want to use a metal butt plate, you can make a softer one from rubber. This is called a recoil pad and helps to absorb shock from the recoil when firing the shotgun.

How to Build a Ceramic Kiln

Making a ceramic kiln is a thrifty way to fire clay or ceramic items. Ceramic kilns are able to withstand temperatures up to 1,400 degrees Celsius. The cost of making a ceramic kiln is less than $5. Artisans can create at least 250 firings inside the kiln before it begins to show wear or loss of hea

How to Build Your Own Hobby Lathe

A lathe is a basic machining tool that functions by rapidly rotating a workpiece. This consistent rotation aids in cutting, sanding, shaping and drilling. Crude lathes have been around for centuries, dating back to ancient Egypt. The modern lathe is extremely efficient but may be out of the price

How to Collect Jakks WWF Action Figures

Jakks Pacific makes a whole mess of World Wrestling Federation (WWF) action figures. Collect them all or just the ones that catch your eye.

CSS Map Making Tools

Build your own maps in Counter-Strike: SourceHemera Technologies/ ImagesCounter-Strike: Source is a unique game because it grants anyone the ability to build a map from scratch and then upload it so that thousands of other players from around the world can play it....

M49 Trip Flare Operating Instructions

The purpose of trip flares is to illuminate an advancing enemy encroaching in the darkness. When brushed by an enemy soldier's leg, a taut line leading from the M49 stretches, triggering the flare to launch. Powered by an 11-oz. charge, the M49 trip flare produces a yellowish light. The flare can

Japanese Woodblock Printmaking Tools

Water-based ink is rubbed over carved wood to create a woodblock print.bottle of ink image by Alfonso d'Agostino from Fotolia.comBuddhist monks began using woodblock printing techniques in the eighth century, as Japanese monks learned the tradition from the Chinese. According to the...

How to Buy Mulberry Paper

Mulberry paper is made from the stripped bark of the mulberry tree. Distinct characteristics of the paper are the contrast and texture created from the strands of fiber filament and natural elements. The paper has a soft, feathered edge when hand-torn. Not all mulberry paper is acid-free. Look for a

Cool Ski-Doo Games

Ski-Doo games are popular alternatives to typical car racing because snowmobiling games tend to feature more special items and bonuses for stunts. Snowmobiling games also tend to feature unique graphics and settings, since the games must take place in snowy locales. Cool snowmobiling games are avail

Environmental Effects on Marine Life

Environmental changes aren't just being seen on land; it's possible the effects of climate change are most drastically felt in the world's oceans. Marine life is delicate and environmental changes are altering their fragile habitat. Rising ocean levels, temperatures and high acid levels are negative

Sand Hornet Facts

The sand hornet, also called the cicada killer, is a type of wasp that burrows itself into the sand to make itself a home. They are fairly large, measuring 1 1/8 inches to 1 5/8 inches. The sand hornet is mostly black with a yellow abdomen and a red head and thorax.

Differences Between the Dwarf Planets & Planets

There was a controversy in 2006 when the International Astronomical Union (IAU) declared Pluto was no longer a planet and defined it along with the celestial bodies Eris and Ceres as "dwarf planets." There is only one distinct difference between regular planets and dwarf planets according to IAU. Th

Differences Between Burnishing & Polishing

Burnishing and polishing both fall under the same general category of "finishing." They result in a smooth shine or glaze. These terms are most often seen with regards to pottery and metalwork, where they have formal and distinct definitions. However, they are also seen in different capacities, wher

Rigging Techniques for an Elevator Shaft

Elevator technology development was encouraged in the mid-1800s for moving raw materials, such as lumber, along hillsides. Over time, many designers have improved the elevator's mechanical operation design, including the rigging or hoisting techniques. Many rigging types are available currently, bas

What Is Cloning Used For?

Cloning is the process of creating an organism that is genetically identical to another organism. The DNA of a clone is exactly the same as the original organism; identical twins are a form of "natural" cloning. Cloning has many applications.

How to Convert Bushels by Volume to Bushels by Weight

A bushel is a standardized unit of measurement which is equal to 1.25 cubic feet. It is important to have standard units of measurement to facilitate commerce. Whether you have a bushel of corn or a bushel of rice, you will be receiving 1.25 cubic feet of produce. However, the actual weight of the

How to Return Color to Faded Oak Wood

To return wood to its original color you need to sand off the surface layer. By using heavy grit sandpaper you can bring oak back to its original color by removing oxidization, which is a major culprit in faded oak. After sanding, add natural Danish oil to the oak to bring it back to life.

Alloy Steel Facts

In the past half-century, demand for lightweight, tough steel has grown, especially in auto and aircraft manufacturing. Alloy steel satisfies those needs.

How to Pick the Right Eyepiece for Your Telescope

The purpose of a telescope eyepiece is to magnify the image created by the objective lens (the big light-gathering lens or mirror) of your telescope. The eyepiece you choose will depend a lot on what you will be observing--planets, galaxies, the moon or maybe comets. You don't need to spend a lot of

How to Measure a Sealed Subwoofer Box

Even though a subwoofer box is sealed, you can still determine its interior dimensions, which allows you to calculate the interior volume of the box. Volume measures the amount of space in cubic inches inside the box when it is empty. This quantity may be compared to the manufacturer specified volum