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Lean Construction Techniques

Lean building is a technique of utilizing only what is essential to get a project site image by Christopher Dodge from Fotolia.comLean construction can be described a a set of principles designed to enhance customer satisfaction and product delivery capabilities...

How to Report Mildew to the State

Mold poses a health risk to individuals who work indoors. In homes and in commercial buildings, mold spores may be present when mold grows in or on the walls and floors. If you are working in a building that has mold, or you spot mold in a home you are renting, reporting this to the proper state age

How to Make Infrared Panels

Infrared is the most convenient method of transferring heat. There are three ways in which heat is transferred: conduction, convection and radiation. Conduction occurs only when two different-temperature objects come in contact with each other. Convection happens when heated air moves, but air doesn

Projects for Garden Lattices & Fences

Use garden lattice and fencing in several ways throughout the garden. Enhance the landscape with several useful projects this year. When building around food gardens and livestock, avoid the use of woods treated with poisonous preservatives. Keeping the base of wood and lattice fencing an inch or t

How to Make a Narrow Bathroom Look Wider With Tile

Clutter makes rooms feel small. The first step in making a small bathroom feel bigger is simply to remove furniture that is not fitted in place -- such as laundry baskets and magazine racks -- to another room. Tie back the shower curtain. Allow as much natural light in as possible. Beyond these meas

How to Trim the Inside Window

Installing trim on interior windows can add style and dimension to any room. When considering such a project, first determine the styling; the desired style will determine the type of molding you will use as well as how to install the selected molding. Square, non-profiled trim moldings, for example

How to Add a Peephole to a Door

A door viewer – which is sometimes called a “peephole” – is a security device that allows you to look outside without opening the exterior door or looking out the window. A door viewer contains a wide-angle lens that allows you to see objects that are in front of and to the s

How to Make Hand-Dipped Painted Tiles

If you've ever been to a craft market, art show or open market, you've probably seen stacks of colorful, highly designed tiles at some of the stalls. These tiles often feature hand-drawn geometric or scrolled designs with no two looking exactly the same. The look of these tiles often complements lar

How to Build a Venus Flytrap Out of Materials

A Venus flytrap seems like an exotic plant. But the Venus flytrap is actually native to North America. This plant can be found in boggy areas of the Southeastern United States. Venus Flytrap plants have a mouth that consists of two hinged leaves that grow at the top of a stalk. The leaves form a mou

Ways to Make a Small Window Look Bigger

Replacing a small window with a larger one may not be in your budget, but there are ways to make it look bigger. Several ways will fool the eye into believing the window is bigger than it actually is. These options are suitable for most budgets and are a simple solution for small windows.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are one of the most popular floor coverings in use today. Keeping carpets clean and retaining the original coloring is not too difficult when they are cared for properly, which includes regular cleaning. The most basic and vital aspect of keeping carpets clean and preventing the fibers from

Contemporary House Characteristics

Contemporary designs use lots of glass.architecture-contemporary image by Jeffrey Zalesny from Fotolia.comContemporary homes saw their peak of popularity in the 1970s but are still being built today. The simple, open, artistic nature of these homes draws people to them. Large windows and...

How to Fix Up Old Trailer Homes

Older trailers built before 1976 conform to different building codes than those built later. Because of this, many of these older homes require repair and remodeling to be brought up to local building codes. While repairing mobile homes is possible, determining the cost and time of repair depends on

How to Remove Pool Tile Mortar

You can find a lot of interesting things at the bottom of a pool, from pool toys to sticks and leaf litter. Finding one of your pool tiles at the bottom of your pool is no reason to panic, but it is reason to start working. Loose tiles can be the result of poorly mixed or old and worn tile mortar. T

How to Put in Wood Floors

Wood floors will add beauty and value to your home and they are fairly easy to put in. If you follow the simple steps I have provided you should have no trouble putting in a brand new wood floor that will last for years.

Oak Floor Installation

An oak floor adds warmth and beauty to your home. Because it is a hard wood, oak is a good choice for homes with pets and small children. It's easy to clean and resistant to mold and spores that may cause allergic reactions. Many flooring options are available on the market, including pre-finished o

How to Insulate From Noise

Noise pollution, although not hazardous to your health, can be a major concern and headache if it goes unchecked. Whether it comes from dueling electronics or noisy neighbors, noise can quickly get out of control. However, insulating your home or work space from noise can be accomplished by follow

Stair Skirt Installation

Stair skirting, or stair stringers, is a board or other material that runs along the sides of a stairwell. Stairwells are installed against walls or can be designed open on both sides. When installed against a wall, a skirting board is not only decorative but also serves as a buffer board that prote

How to Do Laminate Tops

Laminating a kitchen countertop is an effective way to redecorate an area space with a simple touch. Using plastic laminate on the counter can instantly give the finish a new, smoother look. Completing a laminate project is a moderately challenging do-it-yourself job, but it can be done with patienc

What Is Parquet Flooring?

Parquet flooring is a particularly beautiful method of creating a wooden floor, and when cared for with regular polishing, looks warm and richly colored. Wood breathes, and a competent and reputable floorer takes time to plan and arrange parquet blocks to allow for expansion and contraction, as well