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Pea Gravel vs. Stone for a French Drain

French drains are the most common method used in the home landscape to direct water away from building foundations or other areas it is not wanted. The concept is simple: a ditch is dug that travels downhill at a shallow angle away from the house, and water that collects where the drain begins will

Grass Problems with White Little Flies

Homeowners often find a variety of little flies on their lawn grass. Sod webworms are common lawn grass pests that are small light gray, tan or white moths in their adult stage. Webworm larvae damage lawn grass, causing it to develop large areas of discoloration and a ragged appearance.

A Few Extra Garden Touches

Most anyone that has any type of backyard loves to landscape it. There is a great sense of pride in putting in flowers and shrubbery and watching it spring to life. There is also something to be said though about adding your own special unique touch to your garden landscape as well.

Landscaping Tips For Water Gardens

Water in any garden is so wonderful but it also needs a lot of preparation and care. Water makes everything in a garden cool and attractive. Whether it is a pond with fish swimming in it or plants or rocks surrounding it, water adds an element of peace. It's not just how beautiful it looks - it

Sprucing up the Garden with A Willow Fence or a Willow Screen

Adding small elegant touches to an outdoor garden or yard can enhance and beautify the landscape. Including willow fences, willow screens, or a willow trellis instantly turns your garden into a lavish retreat. There are ...

My Lawn Has Brown Spots & Mushrooms

Homeowners often find brown spots on their lawn. When brown spots appear with rings of mushrooms it is the result of a condition known as fairy ring, which received its name from the ancient belief that faeries had danced there the evening before the mushrooms appeared.

Porch Swings and Porch Gliders - Now More Than Ever

The economy. Natural disasters. Politics. Those will not ever change but to keep our perspective on life, we need more porch sitting time. And for that, you need either a porch swing or porch glider. Grab a glass of iced tea and sway awhile - it is physical therapy for the soul.

Hardscapes - Retaining Walls

There are a lot of different reasons as to why your landscape might need a retaining wall. You could have one put in for style and design to give a new look to the overall scheme of your landscape. Other reasons that these walls could be installed is if you are have drainage problems, a retaining wa

Wisconsin Ornamental Grass

Landscapers and homeowners widely use ornamental grasses as specimen plants and to accent pathways and rock gardens. Located in USDA hardiness zones 3 to 5, Wisconsin can see winter temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit in some areas. This means that ornamental grasses must be hardy to thriv

How to Design a Detached Deck

Families can enjoy using a detached deck in lawn space near a pool or garden. Building a deck away from the house can also enable anyone to enjoy space near shade trees. If space near a house is limited, the stand-alone deck is a good solution. The deck can be designed as a simple flat surface or as

How to Build a Potter's Planting Bench

Potting benches are useful for gardeners. This permanent potting area not only serves as a place to get your hands dirty but offers storage space for extra pots or tools. The height of the bench helps prevent some of the backaches that often accompany gardening. The simple construction technique mak

Importance Of Irrigation Systems For Plant Farming

Irrigation systems are in practice to supply water to the soil by using synthetic measures. It is prerequisite to provide and maintain the moisture level of soil for proper and healthy growth of plant. This technology is applicable in all plant farming areas like fields, orchards, plant nurseries, g

Advantages of Brick Paved Driveways Over Concrete or Tarmac Driveways

When determining which way to finish off or reconstruct your driveway, one method not to overlook is using brick pavers. From their long lasting, durable nature, to the variety of colours and design possibilities, they are an excellent alternative to more conventional concrete and tarmac designs. Le

Free Bird Feeder Plans

Place your birdseed on the try.Being able to detach is a nice feature so you can keep it clean.Now you are finally ready to find a place to put it.Congratulations on constructing your own feeder from your free bird feeder plans.Do not worry, after a few days you will have loads of different birds to

Video: How to Overseed Your Lawn

Video Transcript Hi, I'm Roe Sie with Ninja Green, and I'm going to show you how to overseed your lawn. Sometimes, the most well taken care of lawns can get bare patches for whatever reason. So, occasionally, you may find yourself needing to put some seed, or wanting to fill in some...

What are the Worm Pests in my Evergreen Bush?

Evergreens are often attacked by worm pests.Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty ImagesEvergreens are susceptible to certain pests that affect the health and appearance of the tree. Ornamental evergreens are commonly used in landscaping design for their shape, bright green color and size....

How to Remove Wheels From a Craftsman Rider

As you are cutting the grass, you hear a loud pop and your Craftsman riding lawn mower tilts to the side. A quick glance tells you that the tire has sprung a leak. Immediately stop the lawn mower and prepare to remove the wheel. Wheel removal is simple and can be done anywhere, although the job is m

The Best Way to Unclog a Septic Drain

It can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint a clogged drain. If the on-site waste disposal system is creating sewage odors, then it probably is a problem with the septic tank itself, while if the drains inside the house are slow, then the problem could also be inside the building pipes. If it is only