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How to Keep Freesia from Falling Over

Freesias develop large, tubular, very fragrant blossoms in shades of yellow, apricot and white. The slender stems sometimes cannot support the plentiful blossoms upright. To keep the stems straight and the blooms out of the dirt, careful staking is required. For best results, the stakes should be pl

How to Separate Asiatic Oriental Lilies

Both Oriental and Asiatic lilies are perennial bulbs that, over time, grow large enough to create new plants. Gardeners can separate or divide the original bulbs in the spring or fall into smaller bulbs. The exact number of new plants created varies by the size of the bulb. The University of Minneso

Bugs on Variegated Maple

Variegated maple trees are characterized by their leaves that are trimmed in white. These trees are generally hardy, but are susceptible to damaging insects that can affect the health and appearance of the tree. Aphids and leafrollers are two common pests of variegated maples. Heavy insect infestati

Other Names for Salba

Salba is a type of plant that has been used as a food plant for hundreds of years. According to Salba Info, the ancient Aztecs used the seeds from the plant during hunting and long travels. It is known for providing energy due to the healthy elements within it. It has omega 3 fatty acids,...

How to Prune Kousa Dogwood Trees

Small and late-flowering kousa dogwoods (Cornus kousa) are slow growers, but the results they produce are worth your efforts to grow them. Their tiny, star-shaped blossoms come later than other dogwoods. When first flowering, they are pale green, but eventually they turn a luminous white that appear

What Is Gravel Root Used For?

Gravel root, or Eupatorium purpureum, is a perennial herb also known by such names as joe-pye weed, kidney root, purple boneset and sweet-scented joepyeweed. It is native to Eastern North America and is part of the aster family. The uses of gravel root include the medicinal, textile and culinary rea

Flax Seed Oil Vs. Grape Seed Oil

Both flax seed oil and grape seed oil are polyunsaturated fats. They also contain the same number of calories per tablespoon. However, their uses, flavors and nutritional profiles are very different.

How to Care for Indoor Ficus Trees

Ficus is known for its glossy foliage that brightens the home throughout the year. From the Indian rubber plant to the weeping fig, ficus encompasses over 800 species of trees and shrubs. These tropical plants originated in Southeast Asia and thrive inside the home under typical household conditions

Growing Cucumbers & Squash on a Trellis

Cucumbers and squash are warm-weather plants that grow in abundance if treated properly. Both plants produce vines and can take up a lot of space if allowed to sprawl. Save room in your garden by placing cucumbers and squash on the same trellis. The best trellises to use for these plants are formed

Escallonia Flowering Shrub

Native to South America, the Escallonia family (Escalloniaceae) contains more than 40 shrubs and trees. Named after the Spaniard Senor Escallon, who traveled through South America, Escallonia thrives in warm temperatures and handles wind and salt spray well, which makes them a perfect landscape addi

How to Keep My Geraniums From Freezing

Countless hours are spent on your hands and knees watering and pruning your garden. Then, the dreaded frost arrives and many times, it ruins all your hard labor. Geraniums are one of the many kinds of plants that are ruined if left out in the cold all winter. There are simple ways, like being proac

How to Grow Tulips Anytime

Tulips are a delight to watch.They can be planted anytime in the season.all you need is a little precaution and you can enjoy tulips even in winters.They can be planted indoors in pots and enjoyed during cold winters too.

Stages of Growth of a Dawn Redwood

An ancient conifer tree, the dawn redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides), grows as a living fossil that has exhibited virtually no change in the last 90 million years. The tree looks like an evergreen, but it loses its needles each winter. A native of China, it has become a popular ornamental in the

How to Design a Plant Nursery

Plant nurseries are pieces of land where a variety of plants and flowers are grown, much like a garden, only the plants are grown to be sold. When designing your nursery, you can enlist the help and consultation of a land architect. A land architect can help show you where things such as greenhouses

How Long Will Cut Flowers Last?

Flowers can be the perfect accent to a room, particularly in the spring and fall. The perfume that flowers bring, as well as the color they can add, often makes for pleasant atmosphere. However, short of growing flowers inside, the only way to get this result is to cut some flowers and put them in a

How Big Does a Eucalyptus Plant Get?

Although eucalyptus plants are native to Australia, these versatile trees occur as landscaping plants in warm, arid climates around the world. The first eucalyptus trees in California appeared in the mid-1800s and became a common sight throughout the American southwest by the beginning of the 20th c

Germinating Calycanthus Seed

If you want the splendor of a flowering tree in your yard, but lack the space, consider Calycanthus. This genus includes the floridus and occidentalis species, two cold-hardy shrubs that bear orange and burgundy flowers. Fresh Calycanthus seeds germinate readily if sown soon after picking from the s

Amaranth Flower

Bright, pretty, long-lasting flowers make genus amarathus more ornamental than most weeds---which is what many of its 60 species really are. The scientific name is Greek for "unfading." People around the world use amaranth leaves, flowers and seeds for food. The plant resists disease and grows well

Types of Palm Tree Plants

Over 2,000 varieties of palms exist.Palms image by Isabel from Fotolia.comPalm trees are among the most popularly used plants to lend a tropical look to the landscape. There are over 2,000 types of palms around the world, ranging in size from the smaller landscape plants to tall trees...

How to Soak Watermelon Seeds in Milk Before Growing

Soaking watermelon seeds in milk will help them to sprout more quickly. Everyone wants their gardens to mature faster, especially people trying to garden in the northern United States, where the growing season is relatively short. Soaking your seeds in milk for 24 hours will "trick" the seeds into