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How To Relax Your Mind And Release Stress

In today's hectic, stressful world, finding time to relax can be difficult. However, it is important to make an effort to relax and unwind each day, so that you do not become overwhelmed by s

Brain State Training Procedure and Benefits

Keeping your brain fit is as important as keeping your body fit. Health of your brain plays a critical role in almost everything we do - be it thinking, remembering, working, playing and even sleeping. ...

Preventing Panic Attacks With 4 Easy Steps

Preventing panic attacks is the easiest way to overcome this problem. The trigger for these attacks is normally an event or a situation that introduces fear in the mind of the sufferer. However a lot of times, these attacks come all of a sudden without any trigger. Read on to discover 4 simple steps

Can Pindolol Accelerate SSRI Response?

Dr. Leslie Citrome reviews a new study investigating the utility of the beta-blocker pindolol in accelerating and enhancing the antidepressant activity of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

Can One Sleep in Contacts?

Certain types of contact lenses allow for overnight wear. These lenses are newer materials and are more permeable to oxygen than older contact lens materials. However, there are still some risks to sleeping in contact lenses.

How to Overcome the Fear of Kissing in Public

The fear of kissing in public is called Philemaphobia, a social phobia that is usually associated with a traumatic event in a person's past. A person who is afraid of having people see them kiss in public will automatically feel anxiety when the brain triggers a past event that is related to the kis

Wellness Over Illness

In last weeks NY Times magazine, an article written by Daniel Carlat, M.D., entitled Mind over Meds [], raises the hotly debated issue of the value of psychotherapy versus the value of psychotropic medications for ...

Potent In-House Anger Management Therapy

Anger related problems are becoming very common very passing day. The socio - economic set up of the present day world has become such that it is only natural for an ordinary human to feel ...

Definition of Addiction Recovery

Addicts always refer to themselves as "recovering" rather than "recovered" because recovery is a lifelong process. The addict can get clean of the drugs or alcohol and learn new patterns of behavior to stay on the wagon, but the urge to relapse never truly goes away. Recovery is thus defined as a da

ADHD - The Wrong Diagnosis, Bart's Story

Bart was hospitalized for his behavior problems in a psychiatric institution twice by the age of five and placed on many different psychiatric drugs. His symptoms continued. Bart's parents brought him to see me. I tested Bart for allergies and sensitivities.

Is it Our Mind Or Our Body That Causes Panic Disorders?

Panic disorders are also called generalized anxiety disorder and are affecting lots of people from all over the world. They are characterized by a sudden onset of irrational fear and the sufferers are feeling very nervous. Sometimes the symptoms can be misleading and the persons going through a pani

Courage in Addiction Recovery

People who are recovering from any type of addiction are traveling a rough road. It takes a lot of courage to tackle an addiction and face shortcomings, but with effort and determination, anyone can summon the courage to tackle his addictions.

Substance Abuse Prevention for Kids

Substance abuse is a major problem among teens, but it is affecting younger and younger kids every year. An effort to educate kids about the dangers of substance abuse should begin as early as childhood. Teaching kids early about the importance of making healthy choices and avoiding dangerous substa

What to Do When Life Seems Hopeless

We all have had our good times as well as bad times. We enjoy and are delighted when happy times come our way, but how you cope with the bad times that can destroy you or make you grow and give you strength to face what ever life throws at you.

Does My Child Have Aspergers?

Aspergers is one of several of the autism disorders. Difficulties in social interaction and restricted interests and activities are the main noticeable traits. Only a qualified psychiatrist or counselor can determine if your child has Aspergers.