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Manifest Your Dreams Easily, Effortlessly, and Instantaneously

Do you often catch yourself thinking..."I want - what I want - when I want it"? Good for you if you do because regardless of what skeptics tend to say, it is actually very easy to manifest your dreams! If you are still struggling to turn deep-seated dreams into concrete reality, then you w

Olympic Class "Lazy" - The Value of Being the Laziest Person in the World!

Are you an overachiever or a perfectionist with trouble tolerating down time? If so, then "running on empty" or exhaustion may be the only thing that stops you. Discover how to become an Olympic Class medalist in the self sustaining sport of Laziness. Shift out of overdrive and find your i

Can You See Yet?

When going through something that you can't understand or don't want to accept you might have a tendency to bury your head in the sand so you don't have to deal with it. But until you lift the veil that blinds you; you will never be able to see your way out. The truth WILL set you fre

7 Tips For Taking Control of Your Destiny-Part 3

Expand Your Awareness to Expand Your Success Recapping (last week's) discussion about the important role that desire plays in setting goals, I mentioned that goals that have a high level of desire attached to them ...

Self Healing - A Message From The Deepest Parts of Myself

Somewhere in the middle of all that intensity and confusion, the real you is waiting for an opportunity to essence up to the surface. It will only surface in calmness. So you must, in the midst of your inner battle, learn to be calm.

5 Top Tips For Better Speed Reading

Speed reading is a powerful tool for staying on top of important information. This article contains the 5 top tips for better speed reading.

You Can’T Fake It Till You Make It!

You've heard that while you're trying something new, you can "fake it 'till you make it". That may be true for a short while and in certain situations, but I'm here to tell you if ...

5 Inexpensive Ways to Create More Storage Space in Your Home

Your closets are not the only place you can store things and they are not necessarily as packed as you think they are. Here are some simple tips and suggestions to find more storage space and better use the space you have.

Self Centered Conversation and Narcissism

"Hey... I'm backing away. I can't get out of this conversation. He's doing all the talking and it's all about himself. If I pull away, I'll appear impolite and hurt his feelings. He's setting me up to reject him. He's not interested in me or anybody else. He j

Can't Miss Tips For Attracting Women

When most men head out to their favorite bar or club, they imagine themselves to be the aggressor when it comes to meeting women. They work on pick up lines, conversation topics and different ways to ask for phone numbers all the while dismissing the idea that women might actually approach them, ins

Fun Ways to Relieve Everyday Stress

Sometimes the best way to relieve stress and lighten your mood is simply to have a little fun. Games - whether computer based or not - can be an easy way to do this.

Qualities of a Great Leader - Do You Have Them?

I think it was General Dwight D. Eisenhower (later President of the United States of America) who used an illustration of his style of leadership. He laid a length of string on the floor. Then he pushed the string and it went nowhere, just jumbled up. Then he pulled the string and it came along smoo

The Fun Factor - Easy Steps to a 48-Hour Day

When you love what you're doing, chances are you'll keep doing it. When you begin plotting out those baby steps that will help you reach your goals, make sure that you'll enjoy taking them. I know it can be difficult at times.

Positive Self Belief

In order to be successful in achieving what you want from life you must first of all establish a strong sense of positive self belief. This does not mean becoming an egoist or filling your thoughts with unrealistic expectations but rather it's all about realizing that you are capable of achievi

Education - Student Leadership Begins From Within

Solving the current challenges in America's public schools includes many solutions. Yet after billions of dollars, significant performance still alludes many schools. Maybe it is time to rethink current solutions and look to student leadership that beings from within.

How to Combat Our Worst Enemy - Why We Should Do It

Most of the time we are without a doubt our own worst enemy. Who else would criticize us the way that we do? Who would be as unforgiving as we are toward ourselves? Who could make as many bad remarks about ourselves as we do? It's no secret that we can be self-deprecating and that we sometimes

Hypnosis - An Overview - What it is and What it Can and Cannot Do

It's often wondered whether the form of mass hypnosis is valid, the way it's presented in theatres during variety acts. The answer is no! What normally happens is that there are a few 'plants' in the audience who come forward, so that when the hypnotist points to someone, tells t