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Support Groups for Army Girlfriends

In the past, Army support for significant others, whether married or not, was often sorely lacking. Girlfriends and wives alike were left on their own during deployments, dealing with feelings of loneliness and abandonment. Army wives have always relied on each other for informal support, but girlfr

How to Sell Cemetery Grave Plots

Solid planning for the future often means paying your funeral expenses in advance. Unfortunately, you may find yourself with a cemetery plot that no longer suits your needs due to relocation, or changes within your family resulting from divorce or dispute. Or perhaps you've found yourself needing to

Constantine Is 666

It was always going to happen that one day the identity of the man called 666 would be revealed. Who would have suspected that it was the same one who brought into existence the Roman Catholic Church and all the Christian religions that followed?

Heaven and Earth (Widescreen)

Download "Heaven and Earth" free widescreen Christian desktop wallpaper featuring inspirational Bible verses and pictures for Windows and Macintosh.

Intuitive Empathy Healing By Consulting

The healers got a wonderful gift by the God that is intuitive ability, with the help of this ability they can understand the pains of their clients and cure them to relief.

Doppler, Inc - 'Nu Instrumetal

While this release will probably appeal to musicians more than to the mainstream because it is 100% instrumental, those who like the vocal "meat" of songs should still give it a listen because there is more to this than meets the eye.

Costs of the Ten Commandments

Whenever a monument, plaque, or some other posting of the Ten Commandments is challenged as a violation of the separation of church and state, the government involved (local, state, or federal) usually defends them in court. These court battles can drag out for years and go through several levels of

Christian T Shirt

A young Christian person might love wearing T-shirts, and they might want to find an interesting way to encourage others or themselves.

Planetary Apothecary

Review of Planetary Apothecary, an astrological approach to health and wellness by Stephanie Gailing. This is medical astrology for the 21st century reader, with many leading edge therapies.

Philosophy of Hinduism

Hinduism is an age-old, worldwide popular religion. Hinduism is believed to be as old as history itself and exists on the earth since times immemorial. According to historians, innumerable communities have been preaching and promoting Hinduism all round the world since 1500 BC.

Mormon Food Storage Techniques

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as Mormons, are regarded for their principles of provident living, especially when it comes to food storage and emergency preparedness. However, there are a few basic food storage techniques that anyone can practice.

Researching the Early Phases of an Out-Of-Body Experience

Obtaining an out-of-body experience (OBE) at will can be a frustratingly difficult endeavor - at least without a personal guide, and I had none. As I embarked on a research program for my book, covering ...

Women and Islam

If you were to ask a person who is not a Muslim what they thought of women in Islam, they would probably use the words 'oppressed' and 'second class citizens'. This is not their fault as they are simply reading into the headlines and films that portray Muslim women as being weak

The Rottweiler Pope, the Danish Cartoon, and Muslim Moderates

Do the pope's remarks about the evil using violence in the name of religion make things better or worse for Muslim moderates? The pope: known as the Rottweiler long before he became a pope. Clinton: never call a Rottweiler. His views: the pope'e remarks and the Danish cartoon make it harde

Top 10 Weekly Christian Music Hits

In the Top 10 Weekly Christian Music Hits - 1-7-08 - Casting Crowns still sits on top with East To West. Matthew West joins us with his first single after having vocal cord surgery and Monk & Neagle add to the food for thought with their latest.

Life' s Passion

Just so people know that you're qualified to talk about this subject, take a few minutes and tell us about your background, your ministry, and what's available for people today through your ministry

The History or Mythology of Silver Rings Worn by Pagan Priestesses

A silver ring on the hand of a Pagan priestess is almost iconic in its imagery. In movies and art, Druid, Wiccan and other Pagan priestesses are often depicted with several silver rings adorning their fingers. Sometimes, however, they are shown with a single ring that holds special significance. The

Mormons Believe There are Multiple Worlds with Multiple Gods

Mormon doctrine teaches that there are multiple worlds out there, full of human beings, each ruled over by its own god. Moreover, that god used to be human as well and 'progressed' to the point of becoming god, just like the God of Mormonism.

Bible Study Lessons on the Tabernacle

The building of the Tabernacle, the temporary, portable temple the Israelites built in the wilderness used for worship until Solomon built the First Jerusalem Temple, takes up literally hundreds of verses in the Pentateuch. Yet the deeper meaning of these arcane verses often confounds Christians and