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Deflating The S&P 500 Stock Index

The extent of the Market Crash of 2009 is largely hidden when viewing a graph of a stock index such as the S&P 500, because these indexes are never corrected for the effects of inflation. This article shows the full extent of the damage that has been sustained in the past 20 months.

Make a Kidney Foundation Car Donation

Car donation is a popular charitable act because something of value that is no longer needed or wanted is being given to someone who will truly benefit from it. I can think of few other more worthy charities, among those that accept cars and other vehicles as donations, than the National Kidney Foun

What Is the Difference Between a Leasehold & a Freehold Property?

Leasehold and freehold estates are types of property developed under the common law system. Leasehold estates are considered non-freehold estates, meaning they endure for a fixed calendar period. Freehold estates have the potential to endure forever or for the duration of a possessor's life. Althoug

How Would I Invest a Small Amount of Money in the Stock Market?

If I only had a small amount of money, say $2,000 to invest in the stock market what strategy would I use to make a good return while at the same time limiting risk?The answer seems pretty simple when I think about it.I would still be trend trading because it offers you such a great advantage over o

Stock Dividends & Yields

Buying stock is always a financial risk, and investors owe it to themselves to put in the time and effort to choose the best stocks for their particular situations. Stock price and growth potential is just one factor to consider. Possible splits, mergers and dividends all factor into a stock's overa

How to sell shares

You can sell shares online, over the phone or by post, through a paper-based transaction. Which method is best may depend on the cost of each, how many shares you hold, how often you sell shares, and convenience. Selling shares for maximum profit involves selling them at the right time when the pric

Twitter Fundraising Is Changing the Way Fundraisers Connect With Donors

Fundraisers are beginning to tap into the potential Twitter has to offer by connecting with people and developing relationships that matter. Fundraisers can converse with potential donors, exchange ideas, listen to feedback and change the way they approach fundraising. Twitter is a real-time people

Danger Of Debt In Bear Markets - Part 2

It is vital to focus on the company balance sheet in bear markets because most money can be lost in a downturn by investing in companies that are badly financed. It is crucially important, therefore, to assess the financial strength of companies. So how does one go about measuring the financial stre

Try a Costume Fundraising Event For Huge Profits

If you have never considered a costume fund raising event than this article may be of interest to you. There are many wonderful ways that you can raise money for your favorite charity or group, but there are some wonderful ways that you can raise substantial funds by holding a costume fundraiser tha

Investing Online - Penny Stock Research

Investing online has become increasingly appealing to a large amount of people looking to gain good returns on their money quickly. Since the inception of the NASDAQ in 1971 investing in stocks has taken a totally universal approach and is no longer limited to banks and Ivy League stock brokers, ord

The Difference Between Stakes, Shares and Stocks

The difference between stakes, shares and stocks may be largely semantic, as all three terms can be used interchangeably, although each may have additional meanings under certain circumstances.

Keeping a Good Risk to Reward Ratio

Keeping a good risk to reward ratio is critical to the success of a stock market trader.This is something that most new traders will ignore.

Seven Things You Need to Know Before You Become a Member of a Nonprofit Board

Congratulations! You have been asked to join a nonprofit Board of Trustees.That is certainly an honor, but it comes with many caveats and responsibilities you should know before you accept. You should know that beyond the demands on your time, there may also be demands on your financial resources fa

Who Regulates the New York Stock Exchange?

The New York Stock Exchange, or NYSE, is one of the most well-known securities exchanges around the world. In 2007, the NYSE and the European securities exchange Euronext N.V. merged to form NYSE Euronext. The exchange continued to grow with its 2008 purchase of the third largest stock exchange in t

How to Select Stocks Automatically for Pairs Trading

Pair trading, or statistical arbitrage, is a stock trading strategy that seeks to effectively create a neutral position and capture the spread between two correlated stocks that trade either above or below their mean price. Two stocks whose prices move in opposite direction are strong candidates for

Learn How to Buy Penny Stocks With Ease

Are you interested in trading penny stocks but aren't sure how to get started? The first thing is to learn a bit about penny stocks and how to go about purchasing them.Penny stocks, as defined by the SEC, are stocks that are less than $5 per stock, per share, although they are usually less than

Writing a Trade Plan: One Habit for Successful Traders

Write a trade plan immediately before or after making a trade. It contains specific objectives for the trade (profit target, risk-management plan) as well as thoughts that you can review later. The purpose is to have a written record that you can use for education purposes.

How to Invest in Government Bonds & Treasury Notes

Investing in U.S. Treasury Bonds is widely considered one of the safest investments on the planet. Each year, billions of dollars in U.S. backed government bonds are sold to American companies, foreign companies and even foreign governments. For the average investor, there are a few select ways to