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Chevrolet Restoration Information

No matter what model-year Chevrolet Corvette you own, restoring your sports car to "like new" condition is relatively easy. Because of the popularity of the Corvette, there are many aftermarket companies that produce original replacement parts possibly not available directly from Chevrolet. If an en

How to Decode a 1969 GTO Judge

In a 1969 GTO Judge, the vehicle identification number (VIN) plate is located on the top of the instrument panel and can be be seen through the windshield on the driver's side of the car. It is a 13-digit number that can be broken down into sections to tell you everything you need to know about the

How to Determine if a Gasket Blew

Properly sealing gaskets are vital to a properly functioning engine. When gaskets fail, important fluids such as oil, antifreeze, power steering fluid and transmission fluid can intermix, resulting in contamination and eventually engine failure. Blown gaskets can also result in the loss of fluids an

How to Drain a Gas Tank

For one reason or another, there may be times at which it is necessary to drain the gas tank of a car. Of course, it is more difficult to drain a gas tank than to fill one, but nevertheless it is still a straightforward process. By following one of these methods, you can drain your car's gas tank wi

How to Use a Manual Tire Changer

Manual tire changers allow users to change a tire on its rim with just the tool and their bare hands. The tool is made up of a mount to hold the wheel and a pry bar to remove and install the tires. To use the device, you must simply pry the old tire off the rim with the pry bar and pry the new tire

How to Replace DEX-COOL Antifreeze

DEX-COOL antifreeze is a GM-formulated antifreeze. As with all coolants, DEX-COOL must be periodically replaced. Replacement of DEX-COOL in a GM vehicle is a simple process that will require a bucket and simple hand tools. Replacing your coolant will help ensure optimum cooling system operation and

How to Replace a Plastic Radiator Cap

Most modern radiators for vehicles are made of two plastic chambers with an aluminum core. Since aluminum and plastic do not rust, this helps the radiator last a lot longer than radiators built of iron components. However, the aluminum core and other metallic parts of the radiator, such as the base

How to Troubleshoot a MerCruiser 7.4L

Like most Mercruiser models, the 7.4L models utilize a starter to properly turn the engine on. Over time, the starter of your Mercruiser outboard engine wears down and ceases to properly start your engine. By replacing your Mercruiser starter, you can increase the longevity of your engine and avoid

Cool Interior Auto Accessories For Your Car

Interior auto accessories plus customizing your wheels can really set you apart from the rest. Cool mats and custom mud flaps don't have to be that expensive, so you can make a statement and not spend a lot of money. Discount auto accessories are a great way to save money and still have your ca

How to Diagnose Problems in Directional Tires

Directional tires are designed to offer optimal performance while rotating in only one direction, while traditional symmetric or asymmetric tires are manufactured to perform equally as well when rotating in either direction. Due to their unique design, directional tires offer improved braking perfor

How to Wet Sand Headlights

The process used in wet sanding is very similar to standard sanding except water is used as a lubricant to protect the surface being sanded. This method is often used on delicate or easily damaged materials like the plastic of fogged up or scratched headlights. If you want to restore the headlight l

How to Replace a Headlight on a 2002 Trans Am

Unlike many other 2002 vehicles, the 2002 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am used sealed -beam headlights for both low and high beams. This is largely due to the muscle car's "flip-up" headlight doors. The benefit is that the headlights are easier to change than some. The low beam headlights on the Trans Am

What Is an Alloy Blend?

It is fair to say that steel alloys made civilization as we know it today possible. Not only does alloy steel make possible everything from skyscrapers to sports cars, it was used over 2,000 years ago to make the Roman blades that carved Europe into the world we know today. With that kind of develop