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Those Tiny Little Secrets Behind Weight Loss

Who wouldn't love to appear toned and slender? Everybody wishes to shed excess body fat which not only makes you feel heavy but you get subject to quite a few dangerous diseases in addition to problems in carrying out normal everyday jobs.

The Link Between Salt and Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity has become a major problem in our youth. While inactivity, fatty foods, and supersizing have been cited as reasons for this epidemic, there's a less obvious factor that is lurking in our food...salt! That's right, the high salt content of our foods may be a cause of obesi

Exercising Your Memory

Memory is a gift of human beings that can really affect the quality of life for most of us. Imagine if you couldn't remember even the simplest of things. It would be awful.

Attracting Abundance to You

If you are thinking about attracting abundance into your life, you have taken the first and most important step in the right direction.Using the Law of Attraction means that you are able to believe that good will flow into your life based on your positive thoughts.

Not Losing Fat? Do These 3 Things to Boost Your Metabolism

Are you frustrated because you are not losing fat? Have you been putting forth the effort without any reward on the scale? It is not uncommon for fat loss to stall or to feel like your body is resistant to losing fat but all you really need is an updated approach. New research into how the body rele

Best Weight Loss Pill Prices

There are various places from where one can purchase diet pills. Diet pills have emerged as one of the quickest ways to lose weight. Gone are the days when one had to sweat one's way ...

Losing Weight After a Baby

Although having a baby was a wonderful experience, after the event all I wanted was for my body and life to feel normal again! What I and my friends quickly learnt is that you cannot rush things - it will take about 6 months for your body to "normalize". You will be getting to grips with m

How To Lose Weight In The Next 24 Hours

How to Lose Weight In The Next 24 Hours I am writing this article, because of the question stated in the title. This question has to be answered clearly, so that public can understand it. ...

How You Can Learn Anything In Your Sleep With Subliminal Learning

Did you know that you can learn while you are sleeping? This is an interesting perception that made many remained wondering how it is possible. The advent in technology has developed such interesting things such like the invention of subliminal technology. It is possible for one person to acquire in

Being Thoughtful

Here's an interesting word to contemplate thoughtfulness. What's that mean, exactly? Maybe it means we can tear apart a subject with the best of them by looking at the topic deeply or asking a lot of questions. There have been times that, in my discussions with people, we've had mind

What Brings You Joy and Peace?

A short article providing focus for meditation and insights into living a spiritual life.A friend of mine told me that he likes the energy of the number 7. How do you feel about the energy on the number 7? Do we believe that things are lucky or do we believe that we make our own luck? Do we know wha

Go Antiquing and Improve Your Mood

Hunting for collectibles and antiques can actually make you feel better, literally. Shopping for your favorite objects of desire has a calming effect for some and is a mood elevator for others. Is Collecting An Addiction, Hobby or Cure All?Hunting for your favorite collectible may actuallyhelp you i

Training Yourself to Be a Leader

Now that you are starting to bring team members into your MLM business, are you ready to lead them to success? Have you done an honest assessment of your own leadership skills? Maybe you've never lead people before. The good news is that even if you don't have natural leadership skills, yo